A small selection of my map work over the last 5 or so years.

cityofclocks-large-01 2300FBheader2 lysander et folie-01 2300AD-AmericanArm-final 2300AD-ChineseArm-final 2300AD-FrenchArm-final Eastern-Europe Italian-Possessions Victoriana-Globe Bargrove Hall-01 Kandahar-Mansion London-1 UK-sites Cottage Diner DL-Area-Map brpheader5 DoB-Header-3 Orient-Exp-Large Stark-City-7 Stonehenge Stonehenge2 Akropolis Athens Lurco-Campaign-Map Foxfield GoodyFowlers-House the-florentineportrait Chinatown-new1 Harlem-new1 Metro-opera-House NY-title-page Dragons of Britain 2cover Dragons-of-Britain-1 Kernow2CP Pendragon Britain new-01 Southern-Logres


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