twilight 2000 mock cover

I’m a huge fan of the GDW games from back in the day. Twilight 2000, Traveller, Space 1889, and 2300AD.

Someone acting on behalf of GDW posted new material for Twilight2000. The cover doesn’t accurately express the feel of the Twilight 2000 setting so I made one.


Words, words, WORDS! and a map.

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to say that August’s preliminary text is in. I’m currently going over it with notes and comments. It’s looking good!

Also, here’s the first of the updated maps. I’m thinking on whether villages should go on there (they’d be unnamed) and of any other points of interest. Constructive comments welcome but this is probably going to be the final look minus some tweaks.

Let me know what you think… only another 35 to go!


Current projects

Leviathan, my own RPG world, funded (just!) on Kickstarter and I’m  hard at work comp0leting commissions for several clients in order to devote my time to completing and shipping  The Things We Leave Behind and Distant Realms. The picture with the soldier in front of the castle is by the very talented Jonny Gray and will feature in Distant Realms.